The Puzzler Hunt

Designed as a contest to promote A.J. Jacob’s bestseller The Puzzler (with original puzzles by Exaltation of Larks founder Greg Pliska), The Puzzler Hunt featured 22 puzzles released daily during May 2022, followed by a final round of metapuzzles leading to a $10,000 prize. Puzzles included crosswords, logic puzzles, wordplay puzzles, image puzzles, rebuses, as well as inventive variants of Wordle and a jigsaw puzzle with a hidden code, among others.

Puzzles in Purple

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Williams College Society of Alumni, we created a year-long puzzle hunt with a new Williams-themed puzzle each month. Puzzles included a crossword, an image puzzle using on-campus artwork, and a live Williams trivia event with a hidden puzzle.

The School of Puzzle Dynamics

The School of Puzzle Dynamics is a subsidiary of Exaltation of Larks, dedicated to puzzle events for higher education. These include the Extraordinary Tour, a combination campus orientation and team-building event for new students, and the Cryptic Hunt, a puzzle hunt designed to enhance curricular offerings while providing entertaining escapes for teams of students. Both were originally developed in cooperation with UCLA’s Anderson School of Business and can be adapted for any institution or group.