Jimmy the Monkey

Our first foray into the Web3/NFT space was the seminal Jimmy the Monkey Hunt for Yuga Labs and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. While the Hunt itself is available only to BAYC holders, the winners of the Hunt have documented the event here. A series of clues and puzzles of increased difficulty were unlocked inside the BAYC Clubhouse, including a coded message on the library shelves, a strange collection of cocktails by the backyard pool, and an attic puzzle consisting of one seemingly all-black image.

Colorful illustration of a bookshelf with clocks and statuettes and other hidden puzzle elements.
The Library, in which a coded message is hidden in the books, clocks, flags, and other paraphernalia on the shelves.

Applied Primate Engineering

Exaltation of Larks has been collaborating with Fragment.xyz on a series of puzzle events centered on the stories of several Mutant Apes. The first event was an around-the-world scavenger hunt, beginning with a clue in a speakeasy in Manhattan, and subsequently sending players to London, Singapore, and Los Angeles, where the final code was hidden in a locked box left at a restaurant. There is a detailed recap here.

Then, in January, the team engaged with Tally Labs and Jenkins the Valet to develop a series of quests to find four Mega Mutant Apes. We created a variety of multi-layered puzzles, including a social media scavenger hunt, a MUD-style text adventure, and several clues hidden in other community discords and in the Sandbox. A recap can be found here.