We make puzzles

We have over twenty years of experience creating original puzzles for family celebrations, corporate team-building activities, educational events, luxury resort weekends, online interactive experiences, and more...


We design bespoke puzzles for your event, your company, your team, your family, built around your theme and content—from familiar family-oriented word puzzles to challenging multi-level masterpieces.


Our favorite puzzles ask solvers to use lateral, outside-the-box thinking to discover new angles on well-known puzzle types. Everything we create aims for the sweet spot between fun and enlightening.


We specialize in team-oriented puzzle hunts and events, where a group of solvers—family members, colleagues, new students, etc.—pool their skills, knowledge, and creative insights to work their way through a variety of different types of puzzles.

What people say about our puzzles

Will Shortz

Will Shortz

Crossword Editor, New York Times; Puzzlemaster, NPR

"Greg Pliska's puzzle hunts are ingenious, carefully planned out, solvable, and always thoroughly enjoyed."

A.J. Jacobs

A.J. Jacobs


"I’m so grateful for Greg and his team of brilliant puzzlemakers. They created and oversaw an intricate (and fun!) puzzle hunt tied to my book. The hunt garnered thousands of contestants, national news media, and a mountain of positive feedback. Highly recommended."

Laura Moberg Lavoie

Laura Moberg Lavoie

Williams College Society of Alumni Bicentennial Co-Chair

"Puzzles in Purple embodied all the things we wanted to accomplish with the bicentennial—inclusivity, cross-generational connection and collaboration, whimsy, intellectual engagement/healthy nerdery, on- and off-line connection, the ability for people to dip in whenever/however they could from wherever they are...it's been brilliant!"


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