Jeff Bolas ‘97
Tom Gardner ‘79

is a four-time winner of the Williams Trivia Contest as a high school student, an undergraduate and an alum, across two centuries, and indeed, across two millennia. Once upon a time he had a business career, largely at Reader’s Digest, and he continues to serve on several boards. Tom has been an active Williams alum since he graduated, and recently served as president of the SoA. He has also been class president, vice-president and is currently co-head agent of his class, a regional association president, and is (or has been) a member of various SoA Bicentennial committees. He is also the proud father of Allie Gardner ’10.

Ben Kitchen ‘21

Dave Letzler ‘06

Rich Levy ’74

is a bankruptcy and creditors rights partner in the NYC-based law firm Pryor Cashman LLP. A three-time winner of the Williams Trivia Contest as an undergraduate, and a presenter in the Spring 2020 online All-Star Williams Trivia Contest, Rich has been an active Williams alum since he graduated, having served as, among other things, president (2006-08), vice-president (2004-06) and Executive Committee member (1999-2002) of the SoA. He currently is president and co-head agent of the Williams Class of 1974, and a member of the SoA Bicentennial Committee. Rich is the proud father of Rachel Levy ’09 and Michael Levy ’12. And if all that’s not enough, Rich also holds himself out on Facebook as the self-appointed Chief of the Williams Wardrobe Police.

John Lieb ’95

teaches Mathematics and coaches football and baseball at The Roxbury Latin School in Boston. He also is co-director of Boswords, which runs a series of online and in-person crossword tournaments -- you can learn more information about Boswords at

Greg Pliska '84

is the founder of Exaltation of Larks, and a composer in his other life. His puzzle work includes annual puzzle hunts for Mystery Weekend at Mohonk Mountain House, where he also hosts the Wonderful World of Words Weekend each November. He is a long-time player and four-time creator of the MIT Mystery Hunt and a six-time winner of the Williams College Trivia Contest. He has competed for many years at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, winning top rookie his first year and moving gradually downwards in the standings ever since. He also does play-by-play commentary for the final rounds. You can find his quizzes under G Natural on, and hear his orchestration work at IMAX theaters, on the CBS Evening News, and in the new theme for NPR's Morning Edition. He lives in Manhattan with his crossword-solving wife Jessica and two burgeoning puzzle makers, Margot and Nicky.

Leigh Winter Martin ‘99

spent 2020 wading through 20,000+ pages of old Alumni Reviews, emerging as an expert on Williams trivia circa 1909-1999. She currently serves as co-chair of the SoA Bicentennial Archival Committee, and is a former member of the Executive Committee of the Society of Alumni.

Stewart Menking ’79

is the founder of Adopt-an-Eph, an organization that “provides apolitical support to all military Ephs deployed in harm’s way.” A retired insurance accountant, Stewart has served as a long-time Associate Agent for the Class of ’79, was a member of the Executive Committee of the Society of Alumni, and, every year, he returns to perform with the Ephlats and the Williams Cabaret on Reunion Weekend. He is the proud father of Steven Menking ’10 and Peter Menking ’12, and father-in-law of Peter’s wife, Emily Stein ’12. Stewart is well known as a Trophy Husband and Dental Patient of the Year. He has been honored with the Good Housekeeping Seal of the Williams Wardrobe Police.

Brian Wecht ’97

is a musician, comedian, and theoretical physicist currently living in Los Angeles. Along with Jeff Bolas ’97, he was one of the creators of the Haystack, a New York City-based puzzle hunt.